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FanChants Finland FC Index Of Football Chants

Finland FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

2473 Finland Finland Finland Is Wonderful Capo starts, the crowd answers. Some day the "active fans" will start and the rest of the stadium will answer. Playlist
3415 FC Lahti Finland This Is Lahti Singing Great sound Playlist
3504 HJK Finland Blue and White Any help with the lyrics to this HJK chant? It's kind of half and half at the moment! Please comment if you have any ideas! Playlist
4845 HIFK Finland We're Going up to League One The name tells the story Playlist
6962 Finland Finland Kalle Gustav Finns bating the King of Sweden - Kalle Gustav Playlist
7209 HIFK Finland The Most Beautiful Club on Earth Based on rock group Twisted Sister's hit song "We're not gonna take it". The star and the shield are HIFK's well-known symbols. Nordis is the team's ice hockey arena, Bragu the main football field and Bollis the secondary football field. Playlist
8429 Finland Finland Suomi Great ringtone for a Fin! Playlist
8681 HIFK Finland When I See IFK Nothing without you
8708 KuPS Finland KuPSi If you know the English translation please let us know in the comments!
9015 HJK Finland H-J-K HJK Helsinki Club Anthem - If anyone can help us out with the English translation please write in the comments - thanks! Playlist
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10822 FC Lahti Finland Oh, How I Love the Nation's Capital Song about the city of Helsinki, aimed at HJK fans. Based on "Ryysyranta" by Irwin Goodman. Playlist
11008 HIFK Finland Hey Kingit The sector is divided in two for this chant and it's customary to start a small brawl every time the drum comes along. Kingit is the main supporter group of HIFK and Stadi (translates to 'The City') is a nickname for Helsinki Playlist
11937 Finland Finland Suomi Meidän Kotimaa Suomi! Playlist
12947 Finland Finland Goal Worth a mention despite not being sent the lyrics Playlist
14316 Finland Finland Suomen Puolella Win or lose, always on Finland's side.
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